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Cancelled Courses

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PBI makes every effort to go ahead with courses, but last minute changes are possible. If you have not pre-registered for a course, or if bad weather is in the forecast, click here -- find your city in the drop-down Events menu; if the presentation has been cancelled, it will say so. Or you can call 800.932.4637, ext. 2205 for up-to-the-minute information on program cancellations.

NOTE about courses not in our conference centers: When we decide to cancel a course in our own conference center in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Mechanicsburg, the cancellation will be reflected in the link above. When a third party site decides to close its facility, the cancellation will be reflected as soon as we learn of it; we stay in as close contact with these sites as possible. During bad weather, if you plan to attend a program at one of these sites (e.g. a local bar association, a community college, an agricultural extension service), contact the site or check local news services to find out whether the facility is closed; you may learn of the cancellation before we do. Contact information for all course sites is on the Directions pages of our website.

Finding Courses on our Website

TIP: There are many ways to find a course on our website. The easiest may be to use the search box above, and type one of the key words in the title; this will bring up a list of all courses and books with this word in the title. Then click through for more information.