Sample Chapters

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When faced with a novel issue, lawyers all across Pennsylvania often start by asking “Is there a yellow book on that?”

Our course manuals (and PBI Press publications) offer highly practical materials, with concise analyses of the law, checklists, sample documents, and more.

If you have been asked to prepare materials for a PBI course, we hope these samples inspire you. They are some of the best. All were published in 2012, but as outstanding examples they are timeless.

Caselaw Analysis of a Specific Issue

Caselaw Update

Checklist and Primer, with Slides

Flowchart and Guidelines

Internet Resources, Annotated List


Practical Background, Tips, and Checklists

Practical Situations and Ethical Issues

Summary of Law with Practice Pointers

Summary of Law and Business Developments,
with Sample Documents and Pointers on Using Them

Summary of Law and Practice, with Business Context

Summary of Law, with Dos and Don’ts and Best Practices