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From our founding in the 1960s lawyers who couldn’t attend a program have been able to buy the course manual. Early in the 1980’s PBI established our video replay network and began selling audiotapes of our courses. In the 21st century, the CLE Board accredited other forms of distance learning. What’s it all about?

Limited Distance Learning

The Pennsylvania CLE Board permits you to earn some of your 12 annual CLE credits by “distance learning” delivered to you personally over your computer, MP3 player, or phone.

FLASH! Effective with the CLE compliance period that begins May 1, 2014, and phasing in with each of the next two compliance periods, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order on January 23, 2014, approving amendments to Rule 108(e) of the Pennsylvania Rules for Continuing Legal Education, expanding the number of permitted distance learning credits from 4 to 6.

» Live Webcasts

Live courses delivered over the web.

» Live Webinars

Live courses over the web and phone.

» On-Demand Videos

Archived courses available on the web.

» Podcasts

Audio courses for your MP3 player.

Unlimited Distance Learning

Of course we deliver lots of CLE to your hometown—or right to your door—with no limits.

» Simulcast Programs

Live simulcasts of many of our courses to locations all over the state. There is no limit to the number of credits that can be earned in this group setting.

» Video Replays

Convenient access to our recorded programs in classrooms throughout the state.

Credits & Deals

One More Limit (and a Work-Around)

“Distance Learning” credits can’t be carried forward. BUT the Pennsylvania CLE Board counts your distance credits first—so even if you wait until the last minute to earn them, they count toward your current CLE compliance year. If you have extra regular CLE credits, those will carry forward while your distance credits count this year.

A Really Cool Thing

Need the info but not the credits? Almost all of our online CLE is available for NO credit at a reduced tuition fee in your choice of (archived) online CLE or podcast.

Still have questions?

Check out the CLE Board’s home page for Distance Learning.