Direct Simulcasts

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Did you know you can bring simulcasts directly to your bar association, law firm, or company?

If you are interested in working with PBI to bring our simulcasts to your county, law firm, or company, please contact Carrie Larock via email or at 800-932-4637 x 2241.

Step 1 – Testing

  • The first step is testing to make certain your site has the appropriate technology and that it works properly. PBI will assist you with this process.
  • Once successful testing is complete, your site may begin to receive simulcasts.

Step 2 – Receiving simulcasts

  • High quality seminars directly to your site.
  • A list of seminars that will be sent to your site ahead of time (normally several months ahead of the date of the seminar.)  Your site has an appointed person respond to let PBI know which seminars you wish to present.
  • Information about the seminar so you can advertise the simulcast to your members.
  • Takes registration and handles accreditation with the CLE Board.
  • An appropriate number of “yellow books” ahead of the seminar.
  • Technology support throughout the seminar.
  • A suitable room for the simulcast (please be aware that CLE rules require that simulcasts must be open to outside attorneys in order to receive CLE credit).
  • A person to turn on the computer and log in at least 30 minutes prior to the simulcast.
  • A registrar to handle attendance and CLE blue forms and hand out books.
  • A method for attendees to ask questions during the simulcast (email, fax or phone).