Everyone VotesPA: A Toolkit for the Pennsylvania Voter

In recognition of National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, and the upcoming election, PBI has teamed up with The Pennsylvania Department of State to produce an informational video on voting in Pennsylvania. We invite you to watch the video, Everyone VotesPA: A Toolkit for the Pennsylvania Voter, at your convenience.

As lawyers, we are leaders in our community. Please help to educate others about voting in Pennsylvania by sharing the link to this video on social media. We also encourage you to play the video at voter education sessions and affiliate bar association events in advance of the October 11 voter registration deadline and the November 8 general election.

This video provides answers to frequently asked questions about voting in our state:

  • How can I register to vote?  What is the online voter registration program?
  • Where is my polling place?
  • How do I go about voting by absentee ballot?
  • What is a provisional ballot?
  • Can I vote if my name is not in the poll book?
  • Can I vote if I have a prior felony conviction?
  • Do I need an ID to vote?
  • May I have help inside the voting booth?
  • What if I am challenged at my polling place?
  • If the voting machines are broken, can I still vote?
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