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As we turn 50 this year, we’re certainly taking the time to celebrate a half-century of serving Pennsylvania lawyers. But we also view this as an opportunity to embrace the future. We’re thrilled to unveil our new website and CLE catalog, both of which will help keep us on the cutting edge of CLE.

The new looks and feels better, with a crisp, modern design and intuitive navigation. It’s also optimized for mobile devices.

Beyond that, our revamped catalog is built to connect you to your CLE quickly and easily. The catalog is accessible at

Please be aware that all PBI customers (that’s you!) will have to create a new user account when you log in to the new site for the first time. It should only take a few moments.

We’re also excited to unveil our new blog: PBI Now. PBI Now will be a source of engaging, interesting content for legal professionals, featuring articles on practice management, marketing, career development, productivity tips, and more. If you’re interested in writing for PBI Now, drop us a line.

More enhancements are on the way in the coming months. We hope you’re as excited about this new digital experience as we are. Our customer serivce representatives are available to address any questions, M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, at 800-932-4637 or We also welcome any feedback.

Thank you!

The PBI Team

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  1. Sarah Kellogg March 10, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    Hugely frustrated about the changes in the PBI course calendar website. I cannot image anyone actually checked with users about how they use the site before developing this redesign, which is slick but problematic. A couple of the key issues I’ve noticed so far:
    I. You can’t easily scan the list by location and see the date. If you search by location, a list of titles comes up. Most courses do not have the date in the title, so in order to see when something is offered, you have to click the MORE INFO link and then SCROLL to the bottom of the page before you can see when the course is offered. If I suddenly have a little free time coming up in my schedule, I want to be able to scan a period of a few days or a week, at a glance, and see what’s offered during that time at a certain site. There’s no way to do that anymore! REALLY, PBI, REALLY? You took a mildly cumbersome site and made it worse. It would have been nice, for example, to ADD functionality, such that one could look at the offerings on a specific day at multiple specific sites. Sometimes I go to New Castle, sometimes I go to Pittsburgh. Would have been nice to be able to search on those two sites for a certain date or date range.
    II. If you choose to search by date, then you must pick a month. Today is March 10, so say I pick March. A list of courses comes up, but only a few of the titles have dates in them. There’s no way to scan the list and see when the course is offered. (Most of the courses do appear to have the location listed in parentheses after the title). The first course listed in March is Solving Driver’s Licensing Problems, but when is it offered? You have to click the title link or the MORE INFO link and then scroll down to the bottom to find out; oops, that was March 6—last week. There’s no way to tell from glancing at the list which classes have gone by!
    III. EXAMPLE. I remember seeing a flyer for seminar I wanted to attend—it was about negotiation—and now I want to look it up. I don’t know the exact title. I think it was offered around March 24. I think it said Pittsburgh, but it might have been a simulcast, not live there. How can I find it? Two Options:
    A. Look up by date.
    1. Select March.
    2. Scan the whole list for something with negotiation in the title (starting at the bottom, since the 23rd is closer to the end of the month).
    3. Find it, and the title actually includes the date—March 23. (I was close.) What about location? Title says Philadelphia, simulcasts. Ok, simulcast where?
    4. Click on the title to expand to find simulcast locations. Oops, that just shows course description, not locations or time.
    5. Click on the MORE INFO link instead. Scroll down. Oops, need to go to locations tab.
    6. Click on the locations tab. Ok, the simulcast locations are listed alphabetically, but not by the name of the city!! Instead, they’re listed alphabetically by the name of the facility in which they’re held! How charming. So King’s College, the site for Wilkes-Barre, is listed alphabetically under K, and State College’s venue is Day’s Inn, so it’s at D in the list. SERIOUSLY? List the city first, then the venue/facility and address! Sheesh!
    7. Ok, here’s New Castle, listed under Penn State Cooperative Extension of Lawrence County. Now, what time is this thing at? It doesn’t say.
    8. Click on Overview Tab.
    9. Scroll down. Ok, 9:00 am. How much does it cost? Holy heck, it says it costs $1,000! For a 7 hour seminar!
    10. Wait, there’s a bar on the right with prices in bold. Scroll all the way down, find that it’s $299 for members of PBA or any county bar association. Whew! $1,000 seemed a bit steep. Why does it say $1,000 when it’s really $299? Weird.
    11. Wait, what about the 7 hour estimated length—is that 7 credit hours? That would be unusual. Or is it 6 credit hours, with an hour for lunch and breaks?
    12. Click on Credit tab. Ok, it’s 6 credit hours. So 7 hours must be how long it runs. So wait, what time will I get out? The old site simply said the ending time of the course. Here it doesn’t say. Yikes, time to do math!
    13. 9:00 am plus 7 hours = 9+7=16-12=4. So 4:00pm! I will be free at 4:00pm! Hurrah! Thirteen steps and I haven’t even registered for the course yet.
    B. Look up by Location.
    1. New Castle is actually closest for me, so click New Castle. (Thankfully, here the list is alphabetical by the name of the city, so I do not have to remember that the usual New Castle site is Penn State Cooperative Extension, which is actually in the Lawrence County Courthouse!)
    2. Ok, it’s completely unclear to me how the list that comes up is ordered. Not by date, because some of the titles do have the date in them, and they are not in order. Not alphabetically, either, as the third one down is “The Technology Series…” Weird. Ok, scan the whole list for something with negotiation in the title.
    3. Found it! The Strategic Negotiator. And the date’s in the title, excellent. March 23. What time does it start?
    4. Click the title of Strategic Negotiator. Description comes up.
    5. Scroll down. Ok, it’s on March 23, but no time indicated. Oops, I should have clicked the MORE INFO link, not the title.
    6. Click MORE INFO link. Scroll down. Starts at 9:00. How much does it cost? Holy heck, it says it costs $1,000! For a 7 hour seminar!
    7. Repeat steps 10. through 13. from A. above.
    Summary: There are 4 pieces of info that should be immediately discernible: course title, date/time, location(s), and credit hours. One should not have to click and scroll repeatedly to tease out this basic info. Please rethink how this is set up.

    • PBI
      PBI March 11, 2015 at 10:51 am

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Sarah. Our website will continue to change over the next months, with additional functionality being added as we move forward. We do sincerely value your opinion, and we are working hard to ensure that you have the best experience possible with PBI. We know we have some work to do, so thank you again for sharing your thoughts, and for your patience through this transition. If you need help finding courses on the site, please call our friendly customer service reps and they will be happy to help: 1-800-932-4637.

  2. Laurence Cramer August 15, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Website functionality is useless. Must be able to access courses by date.

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