juvenile law

Legal Bytes

Amendments to Pa.R.A.P. 2572 on timing of movement of record on remand effective April 1, 2017.

Legal Bytes

Civil Procedure

Damages limited under Pa.R.C.P. 1311.1 do not include attorney’s fees added after verdict, Grimm v. Universal Medical Services, Inc., et al, March 1, 2017

Criminal Law

Sentence for recidivist retail theft cannot use facts underlying NY conviction for petit larceny to show statutes are similar,  Comm. v. Vandyke, March 1, 2017

Changes to Pa.R.E. […]

PBI’s Week In Review

New Matter in protracted custody litigation not the type of pleading subject to Dragonetti, P.J.A. v. H.C.N., February 13, 2017