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Course Extras

Links, slide presentations, last-minute handouts and other materials from our seminars.

PLI Course Extras

Last-minute slide presentations and other items from PLI simulcasts.

CLE Board

Links to the Pennsylvania CLE Board.

For New Attorneys

Resources and discounts for new attorneys.

Social Media

Links to PBI’s social media pages.

Medicine for Lawyers

Earn a “Medical School for Lawyers” certificate by taking selected courses in our Medicine for Lawyers and Anatomy for Lawyers series.

Scholarships & Discounts

PBI provides partial scholarships for most accredited seminars (subject to the availability of funds).

Simulcasts Direct to You

Did you know you can bring PBI simulcasts directly to your bar association, law firm or company?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring a PBI event?

Staff Directory

PBI’s staff directory.