About PBI's New Catalog

Our new catalog is driven by filters, similar to other popular online shopping sites. Each time you select a new filter, the page will refresh, narrowing your results. The filters combine in intuitive ways - for example, if you select a City, your results won't include On-Demand or Publication products.

The filters are:

Search Within Results
Narrow your results by entering a text search.

Display upcoming live courses in a city of your choice. By default, results are sorted by date. If the city you’re looking for does not appear in the list, there are no upcoming courses scheduled for that city. (TIP: type your city name in the “Quick Lookup” box to quickly narrow the list.)

Choose a specific date to see what live courses are available. If the date is grayed out on the calendar, there are no courses on that date. 

See what’s available in a given month. Results are sorted by date.

Narrow your results first to On-Demand, Live CLE, or Publications & Media. From there, you can select subsets of those categories. For example, the subsets of Live CLE are Live In-Person, Simulcast, Webcast, Webinar, Video Replay, and Practising Law Institute. You can select multiple formats at once.

Practice Areas
Narrow your results to a given practice area. This applies to all formats.

Total CLE Credits
This is the total number of CLE credits available (substantive + ethics). For some courses, the number of ethics credits you receive depends on the breakout sessions you attend.

Ethics CLE Credits
The total number of ethics credits available for a course. The number of ethics credits you receive may depend on the breakout sessions you attend. NOTE: Ethics credits are "wild card" credits that can be applied either as an ethics credit or generally toward your overall 12-credit CLE requirement.

Recorded Year (On-Demand)
The year an on-demand program was originally recorded.

Publication Year
The year a book or eBook was published.

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