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Collaborative Law: Resolution with Dignity; Changing the World One Case at a Time

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What does it mean to be a collaborative professional? It means joining together and finding unity amongst diversity, one family at a time. It means eschewing the levers of litigation for the dignity of private dispute resolution. It means helping clients reach a deeper level of resolution, not just settlement. It means making a living providing Collaborative Practice, Mediation, and Unbundled services.

Join us in this webinar to learn about collaborative practice. People in crises, whether because of a family dispute or a business dispute have dignified and respectful alternatives to the courtroom, and have the opportunity to reach a durable, family- child- business-friendly, resolution.

Collaborative practice is a dispute resolution process founded on these core elements:
A pledge to accept a mutually acceptable settlement without ever going to Court in order to resolve disputes.
Honest, good faith communication and transparent exchange of information, avoiding costly discovery.
Shared goals creating shared solutions take into account the interest of all the parties.
An agreement that everyone will not go to Court.

The success rate for collaborative resolution is extremely high – 86 to 93 percent. Clients in a collaborative process are directly involved in negotiating a fair settlement. They direct timing and the ultimate solutions based on their interests and needs. These solutions are durable and family friendly.

Join us to learn about collaborative practice, unbundled services and peacemaking.
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