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Winning at Trial 2019

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Video Replay - Allentown
Bar Association of Lehigh County
1114 Walnut Street, Allentown PA, 18102
STARTThu., Aug. 20, 2020
9:00 AM
ENDThu., Aug. 20, 2020
3:30 PM
CLE 5.5 sub/0.5 eth PRICE Regular: $299.00
New Attorney: $150.00


Lessons pulled from the O.J. Simpson and George Zimmerman trials

Shane Read uses innovative techniques to teach the art of presenting a clear and compelling case in order to win at trial

Best-selling and award-winning author D. Shane Read comes to Pennsylvania with a unique program that provides innovative trial strategies that can immediately improve your practice. From years of courtroom and teaching experience across the country, he is an expert who clearly, concisely, and memorably teaches litigation techniques that work every time. Join Shane as he uses the transcripts and videos of famous trials to demonstrate well-executed (and some not so well-executed) trial techniques that you can employ in your practice.

Develop Your Trial Skills by Analyzing Real Trials

Shane has spent countless hours analyzing actual trials to bring the best teaching examples to your fingertips. You will join him as he studies the transcripts and videos of noteworthy trials such as the O. J. Simpson criminal and civil trials and the George Zimmerman trial to see how trial techniques have been applied in the courtroom. Some of the techniques are so well executed - and some so badly performed — that you will never forget the techniques after analyzing them.

5 reasons to make this your indispensable guide to succeeding at trial

  • Deliver opening statements that win every time
  • Conduct direct examinations that tell your story–why you don’t want to let your witness do all of the talking!
  • Succeed on Cross by keeping it simple, powerful, and captivating
  • Defeat the expert at trial
  • Deliver a persuasive and memorable closing

Experience for yourself what others have with Read’s classes
“Read has the ability to present new strategies in a unique and entertaining format that will greatly improve your practice.”
“Shane Read is a compelling and informative speaker whose lively presentations convey invaluable lessons for trial practice.”


The Schedule:

8:30 AM – 8:35 AM
Welcome and Introduction

8:35 AM – 9:15 AM
Developing a Winning Case Strategy

9:15 AM – 10:30 AM
Opening Statements that Win Every Time
Preparing and delivering a memorable and effective opening statement

10:30 AM – 10:45 AM

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM
Direct Examinations that Tell Your Story
Why you should not let your client do all the talking
Taking control of direct examination
How to present your evidence to win

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
How to Succeed on Cross
How to:
--overcome fears
--simplify your examination
--make your cross more powerful
--capture the jury’s attention

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

12:30 PM – 1:15 PM
How to Succeed on Cross (Continued) 

1:15 PM – 1:45 PM
Ethical Issues at Trial
Improper witness coaching
Improper Arguments
Improper Objections

1:45 PM – 2:15 PM
The Unique Challenge of the Expert Witness: A New Approach to Direct Examination
The convention of wisdom for cross is wrong
How to pin down the expert every time

2:15 PM – 2:30 PM

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
The Secrets to a Powerful Closing Argument 
How to deliver a persuasive and memorable closing argument

All attendees will receive the course book as a digital download. A printed copy of the course book is available, at a discount to attendees, for $40. If you wish to purchase the printed version of the course book, please call PBI Customer Service at 800-932-4637. Printed versions of the course book will not be distributed at the course; please allow up to two weeks after the program for the printed versions of the course book to be shipped. Course materials are not available for separate purchase.

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D. Shane Read Esq.
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