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Valuing the Small Business in Divorce: Practice Pointers & Pitfalls

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Deciding whether to hire a business evaluator requires an attorney to understand the business structure and its finances. A simple business evaluation will examine past earnings, taxes, sellable assets, and outstanding contracts. A more thorough valuation may delve deeper to examine customer relationship management and industry trends. Perhaps you will be able to get the value of a business admitted into evidence without hiring a business evaluator. Explore what is needed to determine whether a business has value as a going concern, the depth of information the evaluation should provide, and the type, or even the need for, an evaluation.


Summary of Contents

  • Valuing a Small Business – Appraiser’s Perspective
  • Is Direct Market Comparison Bunk or the Correct Answer?
  • The Rich & The Super Rich: Why You May Need to Know Something About Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Basic Components of a Business Valuation
  • So, What’s With All the Charts?
  • Business Valuations
  • Analyzing the Business Valuation Report and Cross-Examining the Appraiser
  • The Use and Abuse of Business Appraisers
  • Can Capitalization of Excess Compensation Be a Double Dip?
  • Good Will Case Law
  • Valuing the Business: Opinion Testimony by Owner’s Spouse in Divorce Cases
  • Case Law Summaries
  • Five Scenarios That Illustrate Issues in Valuing the Small Business
Practice Areas
Published: 6/1/2018
Pages: 206
Size: 8.5x11
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