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Federal Appellate Advocacy

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A distinguished panel of judges from the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Third and D.C. Circuits has joined with experienced appellate practitioners in both the civil and criminal spheres to present their views on effective and persuasive advocacy in the federal appellate courts. Explore both written advocacy and oral advocacy at the appellate level and delve into a compilation of articles that provide additional information and guidance on how to be a better appellate advocate.

Summary of Contents

Writing (And Reading) Appellate Briefs in the Digital Age
Judicial Opinions and Appellate Advocacy in Federal Courts — One Judge’s View
A Nonagenarian Discusses Life as a Senior Circuit Judge
Friedman Lecture in Appellate Advocacy
I Say Dissental, You Say Concurral
Persuading Quickly: Tips for Writing an Effective Appellate Brief
Using Legal Scholarship in Appellate Briefs
How Judges Read Appellate Briefs
The Lack of Basic Writing Skills and Its Impact on the Legal Profession
Judicial Review: A Practicing Judge’s Perspective
Reflections on the Role of Appellate Courts: A View from the Supreme Court
Oral Argument Preparation Checklist
Memorandum Re: Oral Argument
What Part Does the Oral Argument Play in the Conduct of an Appeal?
Appellate Advocacy Symposium, Part II: The Importance of Appellate Oral Advocacy
The Wrong Stuff: How You Too Can… Lose Your Appeal
A Lecture on Appellate Advocacy
Appellate Advocacy: Some Reflections from the Bench
From Webster to Word-Processing: The Ascendance of the Appellate Brief
Painting with Print: Incorporating Concepts of Typographic and Layout Design into the Text of Legal Writing Documents
Other Minds: The Use and Uses of Oral Argument
Essay: 19 Tips from 19 Years on the Appellate Bench
In the Shadow of Daniel Webster: Arguing Appeals in the Twenty-First Century
“Just a Brief Writer”
Advocacy at Its Best: The Views of Appellate Staff Attorneys
Convincing a Federal Court of Appeals
Practice Areas
Published: 8/1/2016
Pages: 508
Size: 8.5x11
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