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Business Law Institute 2018

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Written by some of the sharpest legal minds in Pennsylvania, the Business Law Institute is exactly what you need today to advise your business clients tomorrow. This manual provides valuable information to bring you up to speed on the corporate, employment law, compliance and technology issues facing your company and your clients.


Summary of Contents

  • Celebrity News and Legal Ethics – The Crossover Edition (Slides)
  • 2018 Employment and Labor Law Update with 2019 Forecast
  • Representing Owners & Management of Closely Held Entities – an Overview
  • Let’s Make a Deal: Antitrust and M&A (Slides)
  • Owner Disputes in Privately-Held Pennsylvania Entities
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • A Brief Guide to Effective Mediation Representation
  • #MeToo and You – How Employers Are Responding One Year Later
  • Cryptocurrencies: Regulatory Considerations and Challenges
  • Data Security 101: A Lawyer’s Guide to Ethical Issues in the Digital Age
  • Tax Impacts of the Choice of Business Entity (Slides)
  • Reducing and Eliminating Exposure to Cyber Liability
  • What to Expect During the 116th United States Congress
  • Corporate Litigation Update (Slides)
  • State Data Protection Laws in the Wake of Europe's
  • New Privacy Law (GDPR)Making Law in Pennsylvania
  • Entities/Entity Formation, Governance Documents and Resolutions
  • Drafting and Communicating Effective Policies and Procedures (Slides)
  • Most Common Types of Transactions and Ancillary Documents (M&ADeals, Venture Financing, Loan Documents, etc.)
  • Managing Government and Internal Investigations (Slides)
  • Current Developments in Securities Law
  • Developments and Trends in Legal Opinion Letters
  • What Does the Janus Decision Mean for Private Sector Employers?
  • Beyond Corporate Transactions Issues
  • Requirement to Keep Confidential Information Confidential in Court Filings

Practice Areas
Published: 11/7/2018
Pages: 736
Size: 8.5x11
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