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Employment Law Institute West 2018

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Learn about the latest and most important developments in employment law. Many of the employment law issues tackled by employment lawyers every day are addressed in this three volume set of materials. With 31 chapters devoted to the latest developments and trends about what lies ahead, anyone who deals with employment law issues is sure to acquire new and invaluable information.


Summary of Contents


  • What’s New in Employment Law? A Tour of the Year’s Highlights
  • Situational Awareness in Trial Advocacy in Employment Litigation
  • Traps for the Unwary Under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act
  • Beyond the FMLA and ADA: The Other Leave and Break Laws You Also Need to Know About
  • The Implications of Encino v. Navarro on the FLSA
  • Effective Investigation – Assessing Credibility and Writing the


  • What Do You Expect? The Ethical Line Between Parties’ Expectations and the Obligations of the Mediator/
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin: Evaluating the Strengths and Weaknesses of Discrimination and Harassment Cases from the Plaintiff’s and Defense Counsel’s Perspective
  • When Is Social Discourse Too Coarse for Work
  • Maximizing and Minimizing Damages
  • Maintaining Attorney-Client Privilege in Internal Investigations
  • Religious Accommodation
  • Recurring Evidence Questions
  • PBI’s Got Talent: An Interactive Study of a Sexual Harassment Case
  • Changing Your Mind: Why the ADA, Ethics Boards, and Corporate Law Departments Are Supporting Mindfulness Training for Lawyers
  • Developments in Pay Equity


  • Developing an Effective ADR System
  • The Future Is Now: Workforce Opportunities and the Coming Tide
  • The Collision of Confidential Employer Information and ESI: Safeguarding Confidentiality in the Expansive World of E-Discovery
  • Legal Risks of Use of Big Data in Hiring and Selection
  • Difficult Problems in Litigating Cases in the #MeToo Movement
  • Federal Court ADR: Understanding the Court’s Rules and Expectations
  • Ethics and Evidence: How to Handle Information You Wish You Might Not Have Known
  • The Wage and Hour Mistakes That Cost Companies Millions: Best Practices for Avoiding a Class or Collective Action Lawsuit
  • EEOC Update
  • What ARE Jurors Thinking and How Do I Find Out?
  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Employment Law Issues in the Hiring Process
  • Joint Employment
  • ADA, FMLA and WC Trifecta – It’s a Race to Get Sued
  • NLRB Scrutiny of Employee Handbook Policies Relaxed–GC Memo Provides Updated Guidance on Common Employer Work Rules
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Published: 11/13/2018
Pages: 1848
Volumes: 3
Size: 8.5x11
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