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Criminal Law Symposium 2019 (2-volumes)

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Explore a wide range of criminal law topics including a survey of state and US Supreme Court cases of the past year, search and seizure, DUI, SORNA, risk assessment at sentencing, implicit bias, how criminal activity affects a professional license, mistakes to avoid in defending a child sex case and many more essential criminal law topics. These materials will serve as an indispensable resource to turn to time and time again.


Summary of Contents

  • The Year in Review 
  • Search and Seizure 
  • Opioids: A Primer in Toxicology for Attorneys (Slides)
  • Use of Deadly Force in Pennsylvania (Slides)
  • The Marriage of the First and Sixth Amendments: What Lawyers Want from the Media and What the Media Wants from Lawyers
  • Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases: What to Look for and How to Litigate 
  • Perspectives from the Superior Court of Pennsylvania: A Roundtable Discussion 
  • Basic Primer on Federal Practice 
  • Winning the Criminal & Civil War(s) (Slides) 
  • Effective Investigative Techniques in Forensic Psychiatric/Psychological Investigation
  • Buying, Possessing and Transferring Firearms: A Sixty-Minute Overview (Slides) 
  • Asset Forfeiture: A Common-Sense Approach (Slides)
  • The Duty of Zealous Advocacy for the PCRA Practitioner 
  • Opening the Case and Closing the Deal: A Primer on Openings and Closings Before A Jury 
  • DUI Update 
  • From the Courtroom to the Classroom 
  • PCRA Update 
  • 2018-2019 Drug/Search and Seizure Federal/State Case Law Update 
  • The Art of Persuasion in the 21st Century: From Aristotle to Trump 
  • Trial Preparation: Benefits and Pitfalls 
  • An Update on Sentencing Risk Assessment 
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Jury Instructions: A Critical Tool for Your Practice 
  • Sentencing Update
  • 2019 SORNA Update 
  • Evidence Refresher 2019 (Slides) 
  • Annual Update on Pennsylvania’s Sentencing Guidelines 
  • Clean Slate: Automated and Expanded Sealing in Pennsylvania Eliminates the Lifelong Consequences of a Criminal Record 
  • DUI Court & Mandatory Sentencing 
  • The Second Bite: Procedural and Substantive Issues Under the PCRA 
  • Pennsylvania and Death Penalty (Slides) 
  • Investigating Grand Jury 
  • Department of Corrections Update 
  • Crimmigration: Representing the Non-Citizen Defendant 
  • United States Supreme Court Decisions: 2018-2019 Term 
  • Effective Appellate Advocacy 
  • Available Psychiatric & Psychological Services for Seriously Mentally Ill State Inmates 
  • 1543 Reboot: Understanding the Current Evolution in Driving Under Suspension in Pennsylvania 
  • Implicit Racial Bias in Capital Cases
  • Mistakes to Avoid In Defending Child Sex Crimes 
  • Implicit Bias 
  • Implementing Evidence Based Practices (EBP) in Pennsylvania’s County Adult
  • Probation and Parole Department 
  • Trauma and Its Consequences: Impact and Considerations for Forensic
  • Interviewing (Slides) 
  • The Brady v. Maryland Doctrine: How to Effectively Use the Most Important Tool in the Criminal Lawyer's Toolbox 
  • How Criminal Activity Affects a Professional License (Slides) 
  • Prosecutorial Misconduct and Defense Misconduct 
  • Enhancing Advocacy Skills by Hearkening Back to Cicero’s Five Cannons of Oratory (Slides) 
  • Mitigation Strategies and How to Work Well with a Mitigator (Slides)


Practice Areas
Published: 6/6/2019
Pages: 1996
Volumes: 2
Size: 8.5x11