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Legal Issues in an Age of Aging (Electronic Download)

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Pennsylvania’s population remains one of the oldest in the nation. This book help lawyers stay up-to-date with new developments in elder law. It is a fundamental source of information for attorneys representing elderly persons and their families. The experts, who work closely with the elderly on a day-to-day basis, bring valuable insights and advice to this ever-changing and heavily regulated field.


Summary of Contents

Identifying and Litigating Failures in Long Term Care

  • Red Flags 
  1. Repeated or Unexplained Traumatic Injuries or Elopements 
  2. Sudden, Unexpected or Drastic Changes in Condition and Mental Status
  3. Personal, Bodily or Psychological Assaults
  4. Frequent, Repeated Hospitalizations for Same Issue
  5. Outrageous Conduct
  • Action Items
  1. Gather Basic Data
  2. Request Documents from Client
  3. Rescind Arbitration Agreements
  4. Report Problems to Regulatory Agency
  5. Send Preservation of Evidence Letter
  6. Investigate the Facility over the Internet
  7. Obtain Hospital Records
  8. HIPPA/HITECH Request Direct from Client
  9. Consider Opening an Estate


Appendix A: Preservation of Evidence Letter

Appendix B: HIPPA/HITECH Records Request Letter

Pennsylvania Support Laws: Filial Support and the Doctrine of Necessaries

I. Introduction

II. Filial Support Overview

III. Filial Support in Practice

  • Definition of “Indigent
  • Liability of the Relative(s)
  • Financial Ability of the Relative(s)
Practice Areas
Published: 4/25/2019
Pages: 362
Size: 8.5x11
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