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Understanding Social Security Retirement (Electronic Download)

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Choosing when to retire is one of the most important decisions you or your clients will make. Determining how much money is available from Social Security may be a huge factor in that decision. Focusing on the realities of Social Security retirement benefits, this book provides a practical overview, tips for planning and advice for handling all kinds of complicated questions and situations.

Summary of Contents

Understanding Social Security Retirement 

  • What Is Social Security? Title II of the Social Security Act 

  • What Is SSI? Title XVI of the Social Security Act 

  • Social Security — Title II 

Insured Status Requirements 

Eligibility for Retirement Benefits

A. General Categories of Eligibility for Retirement Benefits
B. Retirement Benefits: Worker and Spouse
C. Survivor's Benefits 

Family Maximum
Lump Sum Death Benefits
Effect of Post-Retirement Earnings upon Benefits 


  • Supplemental Security Income 

    SSI Benefit Amounts — 2019 
    Income Limitations 
    Resource Limitations 

    • Waivers 

    Appendix A: Social Security Retirement & Disability (Slides)
    Appendix B: NAELA 2018 Conference Social Security Workshop on Planning for Couples: Case Studies – Questions and Answers 
    Appendix C: NAELA 2018 Conference Social Security Workshop on Dependent and Survivor Benefits: Case Studies – Questions and Answers 
    Appendix D: Maximizing Social Security Benefits (Slides) 

    Practice Areas
    Published: 4/11/2019
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