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Fear and Loathing in Litigation: How to Avoid Pitfalls and Secure the Best Result for Your Client—CLE Down the Shore

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Law school did not teach you all of the potential pitfalls that you may encounter when litigating a case. You either learn on the job quickly and sometimes tragically—or you learn from your peers. In this manual, successful and respected litigators share with you their tricks of the trade for avoiding common pitfalls and even coming out ahead in spite of them.

New attorneys or attorneys who are expanding their personal injury practice will benefit from the fundamentals covered in this manual. Which includes information on obtaining retaining new clients, evaluating the case, evaluating the client, and other important considerations before agreeing to take on a new case or client.

Summary of Contents

Considerations for Taking and Beginning a Case

  • Introduction
  • Retaining New Clients 
  • Evaluating A Case
  • Evaluating the Client 
  • The Next Steps – Additional Considerations 
  • Summary 
  • Conclusion 

Strategies for Taking and Defending Depositions

Plaintiff’s Perspective

  • Preparing Yourself for Deposition
  • Planning Your Deposition
  • Executing Your Plan 
  • Defending the Deposition


  • Appendix A: Determine How Your Documents Fit into Case
  • Appendix B: Sample of Getting the Most Out of Your Deposition and Dealing with Common Avoidance Behaviors

Defense Perspective

  • Taking the Deposition
  • Defending the Deposition


  • Appendix A: Sample Witness Disagrees or Cannot Recall
  • Appendix B: Sample Documents Can Bolster Defenses to Claims



  • Einstein’s Lessons in Mediation
  • Do Lawyers Have a Duty to Inform Clients About Alternatives to Litigation? (Slides)
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Published: 8/15/2019
Pages: 138
Size: 8.5x11
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