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Copyright Permissions and Social Media (Electronic Download)

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It is easier than ever to infringe copyrighted works. The way people and businesses share photos and videos online, especially through social media, can even seem to encourage risky behaviors like copying and pasting. If not well-versed in copyright law, then clients or their employees can easily misunderstand whether something is available for use, or how to go about getting permission.

The Copyright Permissions and Social Media book provides guidance on how to navigate the various ways of obtaining permission to use copyrighted works online, focusing on social media.

This manual covers three primary areas:
  • Assignment and licensing issues related to works found online, including requirements under Creative Commons and open-source licenses
  • Copyright issues related to the Terms of Service/ Terms of Use agreements of social media providers
  • When fair use and related defenses can be asserted in connection with the use of works on social media

Table of Contents

Copyright Permissions & Social Media 2019

  • An Overview: Legal Terms on Social Media Platforms
  • A Closer Look: The Major Social Media Platforms
  • Balancing Risk: Advising Clients on Issues with Internet Licensing (A YouTube Case Study)
  • Copyright C&D Letters and DMCA Takedowns: Views from Both
  • Sides of a Notice
  • Checklists, Lists, and Templates

The Good, the Bad, and the JPEG: Staying Safe in the Constant Showdown over Digital Content Use Online

  • You’ve Received a Demand Letter—Now What?
  • You Got Served
  • Takeaways: Looking to the Future

Debunking Copyright Myths

  • Myth #1: Public Access = Public Domain
  • Myth #2: The Poor Man’s Copyright
  • Myth #3: Registration Isn’t Necessary
  • Myth #4: The 30 Seconds/500 Copies/Two-Thirds/200 Words Rule
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Published: 9/17/2019
Pages: 60
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