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Auto Law Update 2019—Includes Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Law: A DIGEST OF REPORTED CASES IN PA (Electronic Download)

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Update yourself on the ever-changing area of auto law, and learn how to get the best results in auto cases. Explore current laws and gain substantive tips and techniques that practitioners of all levels of expertise can use to enhance their practice.

Summary of Contents

  • How to Maximize the Value of a Personal Injury Case with Evidence of Criminal Acts 
  • Comprehensive Outline of Pennsylvania “Koken” Cases 
  • Missed Opportunities in Auto Bad Faith: Pleadings and Motions to Dismiss 
  • The Latest in Engineering Technology: 2019 Update 
  • Medical and Government Benefit Subrogation 
  • 2019 Annual Overview and Update on UM and UIM Issues 
  • Gallagher v. GEICO Indemnity Company 
  • Ethical Issues Involving Social Media and More

Number of Pages: 494


Also Includes the Electronic Download of 
Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Law:

This 30th Edition combines the prior twenty-nine digests and adds cases through August 2019. In this edition, we have attempted to indicate specifically overruled cases; they are included for historical and reference purposes. No attempt was made to indicate those cases overruled by implication. We hope that the inclusion of the majority of cases decided from the inception of the 1963 Uninsured Motorist Act to date will give the reader a historical sense of UM/UIM law, as well as assist in the interpretation of the various statutes that have been enacted since passage of the original Act.

The Digest covers: UM/UIM—

  • Availability, Scope & Amount of Coverage
  • Definitions
  • Purpose
  • Interpretation & Construction Generally
  • Choice of Law
  • Coverage Grants
  • Exclusions/Conditions
  • Limitations of Actions
  • Waiver/Rejection/Sign Down
  • Stacking
  • Priorities/Excess
  • Setoffs/Dual Recovery Issues
  • Issues Unique to UM
  • Issues Unique to UIM
  • Worker's Compensation, Assigned Risk/Claims Plan, Immunity Issues
  • Subrogation
  • Litigation Issues
  • Forum for Review
  • Release and Settlement Issues
  • Index

Number of Pages: 176

Practice Areas
Published: 10/17/2019
Pages: 670
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