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Employment Law Institute West 2019 (Electronic Download)

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Learn about the latest and most important developments in employment law. Many of the employment law issues tackled by employment lawyers every day are addressed in this three volume set of materials. With 30 chapters devoted to the latest developments and trends about what lies ahead, anyone who deals with employment law issues is sure to acquire new and invaluable information.

Summary of Contents

  • What’s New in Employment Law? A Tour of the Year’s Highlights
  • It’s All in the Family: FMLA Requirements in Context of Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and Pregnancy
  • Developments in LGBT Employment Rights
  • Member McFerran Dissented: A 2019 NLRB Activity Review
  • Bogaski v. Allegheny County
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Lawyers Behaving Badly
  • Social Media Legal Issues–When Employees Log-On (Inside and Outside of the Workplace)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Update
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance–Key Terms to Negotiate to Maximize Coverage
  • Cybersecurity of Employee Data
  • The Need to Push Beyond Diversity: Inclusiveness and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Employment Arbitration Agreements: Litigating and Arbitrating to Conclusion
  • ADA Accommodation Cases: A Year in Review 

  • Morning with the Judges
  • City of Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days Act: Background and Public Policy Implications
  • Immigration Law for Employment Lawyers
  • Third Party Retaliation: From Cat’s Paws to Collateral Damage
  • When You Need to Break Up with Your Client – Handling the Tough Issues Ethically EEOC’s Perspective
  • Employees Gone Rogue: Litigating Non-Compete Agreements and Protecting Trade Secrets
  • Negotiating Separation Agreements: Views from Both Sides of the Table
  • A Call for Action–Impairment in the Legal Profession and What YOU Can Do About It!
  • What Every Employer Needs to Know About Wage and Hour Law to Avoid an FLSA Collective Action
  • Working Remotely: The Legal Challenges Employers Face from the Growing Popularity of Telecommuting Arrangements
  • Gender Pay Disparities Under the Equal Pay Act and Title VII
  • Humanizing the Negotiation Dance in ADR
  • Biometric Privacy Issues in the Workplace
  • Don’t Get Lost in the Weeds: The Latest on Marijuana and Other Drugs in the Workplace
  • Representing Your Client at an Unemployment Compensation Referee Hearing
  • Ten Questions to Review Before Making an Adverse Employment Action
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Published: 11/19/2019
Pages: 1110
Volumes: 2
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