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Real Estate Institute 2020

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Whether you specialize in property owners’ rights, contracts, zoning, landlord/tenant issues, or any other aspect of real estate law, find what you’ve been looking for. Explore the year’s most significant case law, current legislation, practice fundamentals, trends, and strategies, and pick up the practical advice and tips you need.

Summary of Contents

  • The Year in Review
  • Annual Condo/HOA Case Law and Legislative Update
  • Transfer of Real Estate Title
  • Negotiating the PAR Residential Agreement of Sale
  • Ethical Issues dealing with Real Estate
  • Stormwater in New Developments
  • From Brick and Mortar to Change or Mortem: The Transformation and Redevelopment of Malls’ Dead Space
  • “Small Fish, Big Pond” - How Small Tenants can Negotiate the Best Possible Lease When They Aren’t the Biggest Fish in the Retail Pond
  • Confessions of Judgment – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • I Am Begging You - Don’t Look Like an Idiot on The Web
  • Purchase Agreements Basics: A Primer Covering What You Should Know Before You Engage
  • Title Insurance – Effective Use of Endorsements
Practice Areas
Published: 12/3/2020
Pages: 545
Size: 8.5x11
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