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Foreclosure in PA – A Case Law Review of 2020 and What to Expect in 2021

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COVID-19 has hit all industries indiscriminately, including the housing market. There could be a startling increase in mortgage defaults and foreclosures over the next two years. If owning a home is the American dream, then losing it through foreclosure is the American nightmare.

These materials summarize the most significant decisions and developments of 2020 and provide insight into what awaits in 2021 and beyond.

Summary of Contents

  • The Top Issues in 2020
  • New Vacant Property Foreclosure Procedure
  • Recent Appellate Decisions
  • What moratoriums are in effect?
  • Foreclosures in the age of Zoom
  • How Sheriff’s sales will work considering CDC guidelines
  • Appendices
Practice Areas
Published: 1/28/2021
Pages: 142
Size: 8.5x11
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