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Employment Law Institute 2022

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The Employment Law Institute continues to provide practical teaching and realistic solutions to everyday and unexpected problems in employment law. This Institute manual provides update on changes in the law impacting the workplace, analysis as to why those changes matter, and practical tips for navigating the ever-changing landscape of employment law. With so many chapters devoted to the latest developments and trends about what lies ahead, you will acquire new and invaluable insight into key areas of the law.

Summary of Contents

  • 2022 Year in Review Employment Law 
  • View from the Bench: Best Practices in Litigation 
  • Current Issues Involving Religion in the Workplace
  • Ethics in Employment Law 
  • Overview of COVID‐19 Litigation
  • Valuation of Cases
  • Current Wage and Hour Issues
  • 2022 Privacy Update: Recent Trends in Privacy Law
  • Managing the Hybrid Workplace 
  • Title VII Employment Discrimination Update
    Workplace Accommodation in the Wake of COVID-19 and the Ever
  • Changing Landscape for Employers
  • EEOC’s Perspective
    Handling a Sexual Harassment Case
  • When Hiring for Jobs Located in Philadelphia, Salary History Will Soon Be Off Limits Unless Voluntarily and Willingly Disclosed 
  • What’s New at OSHA 
  • Protecting Confidential Information During the Litigation Process Under In Re Avandia 
  • Discrimination by Algorithm
  • Trial Practice in a Post (Hopefully) Pandemic World 
  • Ethical Issues in Collective Bargaining 
  • Haven’t Got Time for the Pain: Privilege Logs and Protecting Attorney-Client Communications Prior to and During Document
  • Where Is the NRLB Now?
  • Labyrinth of Leave Laws 
  • When I Get Older, Losing My Hair’: Age Discrimination Blues and Trends
  • How the COVID-19 Pandemic Mental Health Issues Have Affected Jurors
  • Individual Liability in Employment Law 
  • Employee Handbook Update
  • Employment Issues Arising from Mergers & Acquisitions
  • 10 Things an Employment Lawyer Needs to Know about ERISA
Practice Areas
Published: 4/27/2022
Pages: 794
Volumes: 2
Size: 8.5x11
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