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Productivity Bootcamp 2021

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As a busy lawyer, time never seems to be on your side. Between responding to clients’ calls and emails, reviewing documents and overseeing the work of associates and assistants, you often feel like you are perpetually trapped in a daily time crunch. You may not be able to add more hours to the day, but you can become significantly more productive by implementing a practical plan for your day that allows you to devote more time to serving clients and developing new ones. 

These practical materials offer strategies that can be immediately applied to your everyday practice to help you be more productive.

Summary of Contents

  • The 25 Biggest Time Wasters
  • The Steps of Successful Delegation
  • 10 Best Practices of Email Efficiency
  • Daily Planning Checklist
  • Meeting Checklist
  • Microsoft Outlook for Legal Professionals
  • The Eight Essential Elements of Increased Productivity, Profit & Peace of Mind
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Task Duration Estimate Log
  • Pareto's Principle - The 80-20 Rule
  • Tips on Powerful Productivity for Lawyers
  • Top 12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Lawyers
  • Top 25 Productivity Roadblocks
  • What Am I Tolerating
  • Productivity Bootcamp (Slides)
Practice Areas
Published: 8/26/2021
Pages: 124
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