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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 2022

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The practice of medicine has witnessed significant change in recent years, from the privacy requirements mandated by HIPAA to the conversion to electronic medical records. These advancements have presented many novel legal issues and problems. There is another metamorphous taking place, with much less fanfare, which will forever change the practice of medicine. Healthcare providers are increasingly relying upon artificial intelligence (AI) to serve the medical needs of their patients. From computers providing diagnosis to reading diagnostic imaging to robotic surgery, the applications are endless. However, using AI generates medical and legal risk since not all of the conceivable outcomes utilizing this technology are foreseeable. This book from the cutting-edge CLE program examines artificial intelligence, its applications in medicine, and the many legal issues presented by its adoption in a tort and contractual context.

Summary of Contents

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Surrounding Legal Issues 
  • The Medical and Legal Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care – An Area Of Unsettled Law 
  • Regulatory and Practical Issues in Artificial Intelligence 
Practice Areas
Published: 6/6/2022
Pages: 118
Size: 8.5x11
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