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Environmental Law Forum 2022 (Electronic Download)

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Since 1995, the Forum has been gathering ground to attorneys in private practice and public service, engineers, consultants, professors, and scientists. Education is dispensed in a variety of formats at a variety of levels, appealing to both new and seasoned practitioners. After two years of virtual meeting thanks to Covid, we are finally meeting again in-person under one roof. These course materials delve into the latest updates, changing laws, developing legislation, and new technologies affecting environmental law. 

Summary of Contents

  • 2022 State & Federal Issues
  • Utility-Scale Solar – Understanding the Leasing, Siting, and Buildout Process
  • Drinking Water: Current Issues
  • Air Quality Permitting
  • ESG: What Is It and How Important Is It?
  • RGGI & PA: Pennsylvania’s Participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  • Pipelines : The New Gas Gathering Rules
  • Handling EHB Appeals
  • Environmental Justice:  Policies, Review Mechanisms, Implications for Permitting and Remediation
  • Adaptation Overview:  Resiliency
  • Updates to Pennsylvania’s Chapter 105 Regulations: Practical Implications
  • Demystifying Environmental Enforcement
  • Other States’ Green Amendments and Lessons for Article I, Section 27
  • Perspectives on Hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Storage
  • The State of Recycling Policy, Legislation and Regulation
  • Dr. Compromise or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Negotiation
  • Planners’ Roundtable:  Take-Aways from COVID for Our Practice
  • Electric Vehicles and Available Incentives
  • Selected Recent Major Federal Environmental Decisions,
  • Land Use and Zoning Law Update 2022: An Overview of Recent Legal Decisions Impacting Development
  • The Public Trust: Implications of the Environmental Rights Amendment for Appropriations and Public Funding
  • Litigating before the EHB
  • Recent Developments in Water: A Brief Update on State and Federal Regulatory Changes
  • How to Make Sense of the Environmental Rulemaking Process in Pennsylvania
  • Bankruptcy: What happens When Alternative Energy, Oil and Gas, or Coal Projects or Entities Fail
  • Successful Mediation in Complex Environmental Cases
  • Recent Developments in Site Remediation
  • Harms and Benefits Analysis Under Pennsylvania Law
  • Cryptocurrency, Mining and Air Quality 
  • Climate Change Litigation and Remedies
  • Air Update
  • Funding for Environmental Projects, Including Infrastructure
  • Cyber Risk Mitigation: Best Practices for Protecting Your Network and Your Balance Sheet
  • Oil and Gas

Practice Areas
Published: 4/13/2022
Pages: 998
Volumes: 2
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