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Lincoln on Professionalism 2022

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In his law practice, Abraham Lincoln demonstrated in exemplary fashion the qualities of legal and personal professionalism to which all lawyers should aspire. From humility to honesty to civility, the examples he set in his daily living more than 150 years ago remain stalwart models for all professionals to follow today. Lincoln on Professionalism examines Abraham Lincoln's life as a lawyer. His guiding principles, including lack of vanity, candor with the court, justice and fairness, candor to opposing counsel, dignity and civility, courtesy and goodwill, brevity and clarity, candor to client, and diligence, are studied and brought to life through professionally produced and compelling video vignettes. These clips are coupled with an engaging discussion that provides a current and modern context to the model of professionalism that Lincoln presents—a model that you can incorporate into your practice and into your life.

Summary of Contents

  • Lincoln on the Practice of Law: Abraham Lincoln’s Notes for a July 1, 1850, Lecture 
  • Lincoln and Client Counseling: Letter to John D. Johnston, Shelbyville, November 4, 1851 
  • Lincoln and Civility 
  • Reflections from the Georgia Bar
  • Nineteenth Century Visions of a Twenty-First Century Bar
  • Afterward, Lawyers and the Uncommon Good: Navigating and Transcending the Gray 
  • Excerpts from Lincoln 
  • I.L. v. Allegheny Health Network, Opinion and Order March 30, 2021 
  • Resources
  • Reading Recommendations 
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Published: 10/3/2022
Pages: 192
Size: 8.5x11
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