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Business Law Institute 2022 (Electronic Download)

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The ongoing supply chain crisis, labor shortages, wage and hour disputes, an unstable global economy, and emerging technologies are transforming your practice at a rapid pace. We can help your practice remain relevant and vital. Designed by some of the sharpest legal minds in Pennsylvania, the Business Law Institute is exactly what you need today to advise your business clients tomorrow. The Institute covers a wide array of topics in the most critical areas of practice. You will receive essential and timely content on reducing risks, privacy laws, managing daily practice, ethical issues, and so much more.

Summary of Contents:

  • Ethical Obligations of Pennsylvania Lawyers When Using Technology 
  • Title 15 Legislation: An Update 
  • Indemnification in M&A and Commercial Transactions 
  • The Employment Law Year in Review 
  • Covid, OSHA and You: Where Are We Now 
  • What Keeps In-House Counsel Up at Night: Selecting Outside Defense Counsel in the Era of Remote Workers, Cybersecurity, and Privilege/Privacy Issues 
  • Conducting Internal Investigations 
  • Business Transition Options for Closely Held Companies 
  • Minefields of Restrictive Covenants in Transactions and Contracts 
  • How the Global Supply Chain Is Transforming 
  • Trends in Securities Litigation 
  • U.S. Data Security and Privacy Law Updates 
  • The Anatomy of a PPP Fraud Investigation
  • Antitrust Regulation and Enforcement Under the Biden Administration 
  • The New World for Foreign Direct Investment 
  • Equity Offer and Governance Agreement Considerations for Closely Held Businesses in Transition 
  • Using Representation and Warranty Insurance in M&A Transactions for Strategic Buyers 
  • Perspectives and Practices for Law Firms and Legal Departments: Addressing Racial, Ethnic and Gender Bias within the Legal Profession
Practice Areas
Published: 11/15/2022
Pages: 678
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