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Environmental Law Forum 2023 (Electronic Download)

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Since 1995, the Environmental Law  Forum has been gathering ground to attorneys in private practice and public service, engineers, consultants, professors, and scientists. Education is dispensed in a variety of formats at a variety of levels, appealing to both new and seasoned practitioners.

Summary of Contents:

  • Federal and State Issues 2023 
  • Climate in the Courts: Climate Change Litigation Update 
  • Big Opportunities: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act 
  • Developments in Civil Enforcement 
  • ESG: What Is It and How Important Is It? 
  • Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage: Opportunities for Decarbonization and Economic Growth 
  • Pipelines: PaPUC Oversight and Recent Regulations 
  • Criminal Enforcement – Present and Future 
  • Environmental Rights Amendment 
  • Mid-Size and Grid-Scale Solar: Financing, Development, and Environmental Overview
  • A Survey of Recent Pennsylvania Land Use Cases 
  • So You Want to Be an Environmental Lawyer? Developing a Career Path in Environmental Law 
  • Leveraging the Environmental Rulemaking Process: How to Provide Effective Input before Rules Go Final & Challenging Them after They Do 
  • Pennsylvania Electric Vehicle Initiatives 
  • Rising Tide Issues in Water 
    What Do Environmental and Energy Lawyers Do? 
  • Planner’s Roundtable – Environmental Justice, Climate, PFAS and Other Major Questions: How Do Environmental Lawyers Fill the Gaps? 
  • Food Policy & Environmental Protection 
  • Selected Recent Major Federal Environmental Decisions, 2022-23 
  • Water Law Update 
  • PFAS Technical Developments, Current Issues, and What Lawyers Need to Know about the Interconnection between Law and Science 
  • Environmental Evidence: Acquiring, Admitting, and Advocacy 
  • Insuring the Uninsurable 
  • Federal and State Air Update and Emerging Issues 
  • Toxicology for Lawyers 
  • PFAS Litigation as an Emerging Toxic Tort 
  • Development of Air Law 
  • Site Remediation 
  • What Is Cumulative Risk Assessment & the State of the Science 
  • Citizen Suits 
  • Operationalizing Authentic Environmental Justice: Implementing New and Existing Tools to Realize Equitable Obligations 
  • Oil and Gas Law Update 
  • Advancing Infrastructure Resiliency in the Face of High Impact, Low Frequency Events 
  • Environmental Hearing Board Roundtable 
  • How to Handle a Public Meeting or Hearing: Practical and Ethical Considerations 
  • Groundwater Remedy Fails and Other Tall Tales
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Published: 3/15/2023
Pages: 1202
Volumes: 2
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