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Criminal Law Symposium 2023 (Electronic Download)

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Summary of Contents:

  • Year in Review 
  • Search and Seizure Update 
  • Recovery Court 
  • Defense Lawyer Relationships with Clients – Slides 
  • Common and Uncommon Substantive Criminal Defenses in Pennsylvania 
  • Specialty Courts - Mental Health Review - Humphrey Decision 
  • Sentencing – Slides
  • The MAGIC of the Criminal Justice System: Lives Transformed – Slides 
  • DUI Update 
  • Practicing PCRA Law in a Post-Pandemic (and Post-Bradley) World 
  • Basic Appeals - From the Bench – Slides 
  • De Minimus and Wharton's Rule 
  • How To Make a Living Practicing Criminal Law 
  • New Integrated Guidelines for Sentencing and Parole 
  • Rhetoric 101 
  • Department of Corrections Update - Slides 
  • Judicial Disciplinary System in Pennsylvania 
  • Drug Law Update 
  • How to Deal with Firearms in an Estate
  • PCRA Practice: Dos and Don'ts - Finley Letter - Ethical Issues
  • Capital Mitigation --- Lessons learned from the Juvenile Lifer
  • Resentencing Cases – Slides 
  • Evidence Review 
  • Capital Case Update 
  • Marijuana Update 
  • Trial Techniques, Investigation, Cross-Examination, and Final Argument 
  • Grand Jury Practice: Ethical Landmines
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Published: 6/8/2023
Pages: 1758
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