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The ABCs of a Will Contest: A Practice Guide for Pennsylvania Lawyers (Electronic Download)

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The ABCs of a Will Contest – A Practice Guide for Pennsylvania Lawyers is an invaluable practice tool for any lawyer contesting a will in Pennsylvania. It begins with a procedural guide to contesting a will before the register of wills and the Orphans’ Court and continues with an in-depth analysis of the various bases for bringing a will contest. The guide also includes practice tips on which party has the burden of proof, what a party must prove to carry that burden, and what evidence is admissible. Practice forms are also included. No lawyer bringing a will contest in Pennsylvania should be without this guide.

Summary of Contents:

  • Contesting a Will—An Overview
  • Contesting the Admission of a Will to Probate
  • Basic Evidentiary Rules
  • Grounds for Contesting the Will— Lack of Proper Execution or Testamentary Intent
  • Grounds for Contesting the Will— Lack of Testamentary Capacity
  • Grounds for Contesting the Will—Undue Influence
  • Grounds for Contesting the Will—Fraud, Mistake, and  Forgery
  • Grounds for Contesting the Will—Construction of the Will
  • Revocation as an Issue in Contesting a Will
  • Breach of Contract to Create a Will
  • Mediation and Family Settlement Agreements
Practice Areas
Published: 4/10/2024
Pages: 189
Size: Other
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