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Pennsylvania Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Doctrine 2022

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  • Start Date:2022-11-01 20:00:00
  • End Date:2024-11-01 20:00:00
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[{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of Delaware Commission on Continuing Legal Education","status":"Self Apply","state":"Delaware","credits":"","expiration_date":"November 1, 2023","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Enhanced Ethics","credit":"2.75"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Virginia State Bar","status":"Self Apply","state":"Virginia","credits":"","expiration_date":"October 31, 2023","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Legal Ethics and Professionalism","credit":"3.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education","status":"Reciprocity ","state":"New Jersey","credits":"","expiration_date":"November 1, 2025","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Ethics and Professionalism","credit":"3.5"}]},{"jurisdiction":"The Florida Bar","status":"Self Apply","state":"Florida","credits":"","expiration_date":"May 1, 2024","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Ethics","credit":"3.5"}]},{"jurisdiction":"New York CLE Board","status":"Approved","state":"New York","credits":"","expiration_date":"November 1, 2025","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Ethics and Professionalism","credit":"3.5"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of Ohio","status":"Credit not available","state":"Ohio","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 31, 2022","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Attorney Professional Conduct","credit":"0.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"West Virginia State Bar Continuing Legal Education Commission","status":"Applied for","state":"West Virginia","credits":"","expiration_date":"November 1, 2025","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Ethics","credit":"3.54"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board","status":"Approved","state":"Pennsylvania","credits":"","expiration_date":"November 1, 2024","speciality_credit":[{"category":"Ethics and Professional Responsibility","state_category":"Ethics","credit":"2.5"}]}]
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This is a program you cannot afford to miss!

Every attorney must know and understand the attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine. This program will explain the fundamentals and update you on recent significant cases and controversies in Pennsylvania involving both the privilege and the work-product doctrine.

Get an in-depth examination of the privilege 
Does the privilege protect purely factual communications?
Does the privilege extend to non-employees, including former employees, of corporate clients?
How does the privilege apply in derivative actions?
Are trial courts obligated to conduct or prohibited from conducting in camera reviews prior to making privilege determinations?

Learn how to distinguish privileged materials from work product.
How do the rules for waiver of the work-product doctrine differ from those for waiver of the privilege?

Give effective advice to clients on preserving the privilege 
How to establish and maintain the privilege. 
Can lawyers consult with client witnesses during breaks in a deposition?
What constitutes waiver?  How can it be avoided? How can it be remedied?
Does Pennsylvania now recognize a fiduciary exception to the privilege?
Clarify the privilege in context of corporations, in-house counsel and electronic communications.
When is common-interest or joint-defense protection available?

Plus – Get the resource you’ll refer to again and again.

Special Bonus – Included in your tuition is an electronic copy of The Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Doctrine in Pennsylvania, Seventh Edition.

Recorded in November 2022.


Kevin Allen, Esq.

Kevin P. Allen is managing partner of the Pittsburgh office of Duane Morris LLP. Mr. Allen concentrates his trial practice on commercial litigation with an emphasis on contract disputes, business torts and the defense of class actions and consumer protection actions. A member of the Academy of Trial Lawyers of Allegheny County, Mr. Allen’s first-chair experience includes state and federal jury and nonjury trials, injunction proceedings and binding arbitrations. He also has argued appellate cases before the Third Circuit, the Federal Circuit, and Pennsylvania’s Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts. Mr. Allen, the author of The Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Doctrine in Pennsylvania, now in its seventh edition, has served as a court appointed special discovery master to address privilege and work-product issues. Mr. Allen is a 1995 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and a graduate of Yale University.

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