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School Law Update 2023

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  • Start Date:2023-11-27 19:00:00
  • End Date:2025-11-27 19:00:00
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School Law intersects with wide and varying areas of law that continue to evolve and change, including changing civil rights laws and protections. 

The 2023 PBI School Law Update will guide practitioners on the latest developments in Pennsylvania education law and practice, including Pennsylvania’s historic school funding decision which has important implications for state education law.

Learn about four different areas of school law and developments in each:

School Funding Case Decision and Beyond
Hear about the landmark decision from the school funding lawsuit, William Penn School District v. Pennsylvania Department of Education, including analysis from the attorneys who brought the case. They will discuss the highlights of the decision, what the decision means, and how the decision can impact the future of students in Pennsylvania. 

Supportive and Inclusive Schools
Schools have become some of the most heated political battlegrounds, including book bans, curriculum changes, Critical Race Theory, and the rights of students who identify as LBGTQIA+. Hear our panel discuss these issues, what some school districts and their students have faced, and what this means for school administrators, teachers, school boards, students and parents. 

New Title IX Regulations
In July 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration proposed amendments to the Title IX regulations, aiming to strengthen protections for students who experience sexual harassment and assault at school and for LGBTQ+ students from discrimination. The U.S. Department of Education received more than 240,000 public comments in response to its call for public comment. As such, the Department now anticipates releasing the final Title IX rule by October 2023. The panel will be discussing these new amendments and what this means for students. 

Hot Topics in Special Education
A discussion by special education law practitioners of the hot topics in special education law, including: chronic transportation issues, COVID compensatory education, Extended School Year (ESY), transition planning, and the availability of damages under the recent Supreme Court decision in Perez v. Sturgis.     

All attendees will receive the course book as a digital download.

Recorded in November 2023.

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