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Succession Planning for Business Strategic and Emergency Surrogacy Purposes

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What does retirement mean to you?  Work until you drop? (And leave the “clean-up” to others?)  Scale back and work just a little?  Do you want to  salvage sweat equity by selling? Do you want to transition your practice to the next generation?  Or will you just turn off the lights and close the door on your last day?

A majority of law firms and solos are neglecting this essential aspect of strategic planning. Failure to actively plan for succession can negatively impact associate retention.  Many firms will face future implosion if they do not begin planning right now.  This course will cover the essential steps and best practices to properly create your strategic plan.

Lawyers have an ethical duty to take steps to protect their clients in the event of sudden disability or death.  This is particularly critical for solo attorneys.  The problems encountered by judges, bar executives and officers, disciplinary board members, and colleagues at the bar have become overwhelming, due mostly to the aging of bar members who have not planned as required.  As a result, increasing pressure is being applied by insurers, the bench, and the disciplinary board to enforce compliance.

This course additionally focuses on how to preplan to continue to run your office while you are sick, injured or disabled, or how to run your practice as part of the administration of your estate. Buyout and emergency surrogacy is discussed. This course explains your obligations and provides specific details about what you need to do, and how to do it. Attendees will be provided with practical information and forms which can be put to immediate use at the firm to make compliance easier.

All attendees will receive the course book as a digital download. The book is not available for separate purchase.

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