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Understanding the Basics of Insurance Law 2023

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  • Start Date:2023-07-19 20:00:00
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Insurance plays a major role in our economy and our society, from protecting individuals from life’s uncertainties to enabling large projects that would not be possible without financial institutions spreading risk.  This course will explore the basics of how insurance works, including topics such as regulation, reinsurance and bad faith.  The course will also offer perspectives from policyholders counsel and in-house counsel on the innerworkings of insurance.

Insurance:  Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It – Insurance is an integral part of our economy and society.  This overview explains how insurance works, including the key function of the regulation of insurance.

The Policyholder Perspective – Policyholders look to insurance as a way to manage risk and proactively plan for life’s uncertainties.  With a focus on personal lines, this segment identifies items of key consideration for policyholders.

Bad Faith and Extracontractual Liability – Policy benefits are usually capped at certain limits, but in some instances insurance companies can have exposure beyond policy limits.  This segment explores why and under what circumstances insurers could be exposed to liability beyond the limits of their coverage.

Reinsurance – Insurers spread risk for insureds, but who spreads risk for insurers?  This segment explores the reinsurance market and its impact on the availability and terms of insurance.

Insurance Company Solvency – Basics of how it is determined and what happens when insolvency happens – This segment will provide an overview on how insurer solvency is evaluated, the regulator’s role in assessing solvency, and what happens when an insurer enters rehabilitation or liquidation..

All attendees will receive the course materials as a digital book.

Recorded in July 2023.

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