Medicine for Lawyers

Earn a certificate: “Medical School for Lawyers”

Earn 24 CLE credits in three years from selected courses in our Medicine for Lawyers and Anatomy for Lawyers series. Complete an application indicating the courses you took and send it to us. Upon confirming your credits, we will send you a certificate suitable for framing, with your name under the heading Medical School for Lawyers. (CLE Board distance education limits do not apply to this certificate.)


Click here for the latest version of the application (in Adobe Reader/PDF format).

Webcasts and online courses

Here is a link to the Medicine for Lawyers section of our catalog. Note that publications do not count toward the certificate, but you may find them helpful. Fulfill these credits, and get unlimited access to over 600 on-demand courses, with ProPass!

For further information

Contact Stacey Thomas at 1-800-932-4637, ext. 6298, email