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Employment Law Institute 2018 (Thumb Drive/Book Set)

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Get a complete update on changes in the law affecting the workplace and gain concrete insights into why those changes matter. Explore trends in evidentiary rulings, discovery in employment discrimination cases, how to make strategic trial decisions, and more.


Summary of Contents

  • Year in Review: What’s New in Employment Law
  • Understanding the Basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act: Coverage and Compliance
  • Implicit Bias: Are Good Intentions Good Enough?
  • Presentation Best Practices
  • FLSA Opinion Letters: They’re Baaaaack!
  • 2018 Update Private Eyes Are Watching You: Common Privacy Issues in the Workplace: What Every Employer Should Know
  • Workplace Harassment in the Age of #MeToo
  • Maximizing and Minimizing Damages
  • The Electronic Workplace Update: What Every Employer and Employee Lawyer Needs to Know
  • Jamaica Mistaica: Where Substance Abuse, Lifestyle and Religion Intersect
  • Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away (And Be Quiet): Enforcing Confidentiality Clauses Against Former Employees
  • Recent Developments in Restrictive Covenant Law
  • The Best Ways to Get Sued Over Employee Leaves and Accommodations
  • Who’s Next? What Employers Need to Do NOW to Address Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Ethical Issues in Employment Law: The New #MeToo Frontier
  • Outside Culture in the Workplace: How It Affects Employment and Termination
  • NJ Employment Law Forum: Hot Topics & Recent Cases
  • Defending Title VII Litigation: Rethinking Strategies After Recent Employee-Friendly Federal Court Rulings
  • Become an ADA Accommodation Expert in About an Hour
  • Joint Employment
  • Practice Tips and Pointers in Public Sector Labor Law: Recent Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board Cases Decided By the Courts
  • Prescribing Away the Pain: The Opioid Epidemic and Its Impact on the Workplace
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin: Evaluating the Strengths and Weaknesses of Discrimination and Harassment Cases from the Plaintiff’s and Defense Counsel’s Perspective
  • “Secret Lawsuits” Underlying Employment Claims: What Employment Counsel Needs to Know in an Era of Qui Tam Litigation
  • What ARE Jurors Thinking and How Do I Find Out?
  • Summary Judgment Land: Using Evidence of Pretext to Avoid Summary Judgment
  • Local Ordinances Impacting the Employment Relationship
  • Amendments to Federal Discovery Rules and Their Impact on Employment Discrimination Litigation
  • When Is Social Discourse Too Coarse for Work
  • Paid Parental/Family Leave: The Wave of the Future
  • The Fundamentals of Wage and Hour Law
  • EEOC’s Perspective
  • Regulating Off-Duty Conduct in the Digital Age
  • Mandatory Arbitration Agreements After Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis
  • Immigration in the Trump Era – What Every Employment Lawyer Needs to Know
  • A Landmark Victory for Transgender Employees Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Practical Strategies to Handle the Age Discrimination Case
  • Ethics and Evidence: How to Handle Information You Wish You Might Not Have Known
  • Cybersecurity Attacks in the World of Employment
  • Ten Worst Mistakes You Can Make at Mediation
  • Where There Is OFCCP Smoke, Class Action Attorneys See Fire: OFCCP Compensation Investigations that Have Fed into Class Action Lawsuits
  • Employee Handbook Basics
  • The Must-Know Current Evidentiary Rulings, Trends and Case Law Update for the Experienced Employment Law Litigator
  • ADA, FMLA and WC Trifecta – It’s a Race to Get Sued!
  • Hard Labor: A Practitioner’s Guide to Twists and Turns in 2017 Labor Decisions
  • How to Be a Great Second Chair Lawyer
  • Getting Real on Damages
  • Welcome Aboard: Hiring Best Practices
  • Beyond the FMLA and ADA: The Other Leave and Break Laws You Also Need to Know About
  • Lessons from Penn State’s Investigation into the Jerry Sandusky Case about the Attorney-Client Relationship, Privilege and Other Fundamental Legal Ethics Issues
  • Managing Your Career: How Successful Professionals Enhance Their Chances for Success
  • Wage and Hour: What’s New?
  • Replace/Reform of the Affordable Care Act
  • Pennsylvania Non-Discrimination Law Affecting Pennsylvania Employers
  • PBI’s Got Talent: An Interactive Study of a Sexual Harassment Case
  • Internal Affairs: Best Practice for Conducting Effective and Confidential Internal Investigations
  • Easy Come, Easy Go: Establishing and Losing Trade Secret Status Under the Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • iSpy with My Expert Eye: Strategies Available to an Employer to Recover Data and Electronic Devices Containing Its Confidential Information
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Published: 4/1/2018
Pages: 2026
Volumes: 3
Size: 8.5x11
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