Submitting Course Materials

Submit your materials to your PBI course team in electronic format, Microsoft Word preferred.

First, RENAME the file(s) you want to give us. (You probably have it named PBI. That’s what many of our faculty name their files while they are working on them. We need you to rename it so that we can distinguish it from all the others.)

Name your file with your last name, followed by a shorthand version of your topic.

If you are submitting more than one file, include numbers so we know the order they should go in the book.

For instance:

  • Smith 1 HowtoDraftComplaint
  • Smith 2 SampleComplaint
  • Smith 3 Slides

An attachment to an email message is best, but if your document contains graphics or other features that make a big file size, your email server or ours may balk. In that case, we recommend using

If you have any problems, please contact PBI at 800-932-4637.

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