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Key Mistakes to Avoid with Residential Agreements of Sale 2021 (Electronic Download)

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These materials are designed to help real estate practitioners better understand the various issues that arise when using the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® standard residential agreement of sale forms. The faculty will identify key mistakes often made in residential transactions. And they’ll highlight how attorneys can avoid making those mistakes.

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction
  • When to use the PAR Form
  • Preliminary Provisions
  • Paragraph 1: Date of the Agreement
  • Paragraph 2: Purchase Price and Deposits
  • Paragraph 3: Seller Assist
  • Paragraph 4: Settlement and Possession
  • Paragraph 5: Dates/Time is of the Essence
  • Paragraph 6: Zoning
  • Paragraph 7: Fixtures and Personal Property
  • Paragraph 8: Mortgage Contingency Clause
  • Paragraph 9: Change in Buyer’s Financial Status
  • Paragraph 10: Seller Representations
  • Paragraph 12: Buyer’s Due Diligence and Inspections
  • Paragraph 13: Inspection Contingency
  • Paragraph 14: Title, Surveys and Costs
  • Paragraph 15: Notices, Assessments and Municipal Requirements
  • Paragraph 18: Maintenance and Risk of Loss
  • Paragraph 20: Recording
  • Paragraph 21: Assignment
  • Paragraph 25: Representations
  • Paragraph 26: Default, Termination and Return of Deposits
  • Paragraph 27: Mediation
  • Paragraph 28: Releases
  • Appendices: Pennsylvania Association of Realtors (PAR) Forms
  • Appendix A: Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate (ASR)
  • Appendix B: Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPD)

Practice Areas
Published: 3/11/2021
Pages: 58
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