Growing Your Network in the Legal World

By Taylor Burton Published on September 20, 2023

Estimated reading time: 4 Minutes

More than a year ago, we shared tips on how to network with purpose, with a focus on which skills to build. One aspect that was briefly touched upon was the importance of attending networking events. After all, the deepest relationships are forged face to face, not through a screen--and as the pandemic disappears within our rearview mirror, networking opportunities are back in abundance.

Let's dive even deeper into how to grow your network in the legal world.


Handshake of businessmen greeting each other


PBI Institutes. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Attend one of PBI's upcoming in-person events! This fall offers a host of different institutes covering a wide range in topics including business law, estate law, bankruptcy, and much more. Earn compliance credits while taking advantage of built-in networking opportunities. Chat with fellow lawyers over a coffee in between sessions or forge new connections during a provided lunch. 

Check out our upcoming in-person events here!


Bar Associations. If you're not part of a bar association, fix that right now! Bar associations are an excellent way to create new connections while also providing education and opportunities to grow your career. There are over thirty county bar associations in the state of Pennsylvania. And of course, there's the Pennsylvania Bar Association, which strives to give its members a competitive advantage by offering all sorts of resources and opportunities. Learn how to get involved and how you can benefit here!

When you do join, don't be content with just being a name on a list. Be an active member to the best of your ability and take advantage of the services and events offered!


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Join a Committee. While on the topic of bar associations, the PBA has over 60 different committees surrounding important issues. If you'd like to get acquainted with others who believe in the same cause as you, while simultaneously educating fellow lawyers and the public on these issues, this is your opportunity to do so. Join a committee that speaks to you!


Volunteer. Give back to your community by getting involved in local volunteer opportunities. Pick a cause that's important to you. You will meet like-minded people with shared values, who could potentially have need of your services or know someone who does. 

Alternatively, you could seek out a cause that is tied to your field. For example, if you deal in Animal Law, choose to donate your time to an animal rescue or foster organization. Getting your name out there into the right circles will certainly aid in expanding your network! Click here to start finding volunteering opportunities near you.


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Alumni Events. Why not catch up with your old law school buddies once in a while? Alumni events are the perfect place to share what you've been up to with others. Many of us have nostalgic connections with our alma maters and a desire to see others who share that connection succeed. You never know what can come out of taking a walk down memory lane.


Social Media. Yes, we kicked this off by saying you forge the deepest connections in person, but there's no easier way to connect with new people than through social media! LinkedIn is the best place to be if you're looking to put emphasis on your business with a professional profile. You can also join groups that focus on specific topics or industries and take part in the conversation there.

Creating a profile is simple. So many people are glued to their screens nowadays that it could prove to be one of the most effective methods of branching out into new territory. You might as well take advantage of this fact and add it to your networking arsenal!


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Create your own event! Who says you can't kickstart your very own networking opportunity? Play host to a luncheon, mixer, or holiday party. Create a Facebook event and start sending out those invites! Or get extra classy and send out personal invitations! Allow your guests a +1 so everyone has a chance to meet new people and expand their circles. Most importantly: have fun!

With a little bit of creativity, you can grow your network in all sorts of ways. You might even create connections in instances where you least expect to. Make sure to always have a business card ready to go in case the situation calls for it! After all, opportunity is everywhere.