Home Office Spruce Up

By Taylor Burton Published on January 11, 2022

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It's hard to believe that home offices became a common precedent almost two years ago. When we were first sent home in March 2020, most of us probably thought we would be returning in a few weeks. Now we know better. Working from a home office has proven to be a viable option and it's here to stay. But is your home office working for you?

Check out these tips to see if it's time for a little home office spruce up.

Close up low angle view of a man working from home on a laptop computer sitting at a desk surfing the internet

Find your happy place. Think about if your home office's location is right for you or if a change is in order. Are you working in a spot with limited distractions? Are you able to easily separate work from play, and buckle down when the time comes? Having a separate workspace is key because it sends a message to your brain that it's time to focus and get to work.

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Take five minutes each morning, while the coffee is kicking in, to clear your workspace and organize what materials you may need for the day. Throw out anything you no longer have a use for. Try to find a home for all of your documents, whether it's in a drawer, a filing cabinet, or virtually. Establish this as part of your daily routine!

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Let there be light! Poor lighting conditions can cause strain on the eyes so keep your workspace bright! Natural lighting can boost your mood and productivity, but if that's not an option, consider investing in a desk lamp or floor lamp.

Go green! Add an office plant or flowers to your workspace. They can make the area more cheerful, improve air quality, and reduce stress. The color green is even said to boost creativity, productivity, and concentration. Just remember to water it!

business girl with a tree on her desk smiling over a white background

*Tip! Pick a low maintenance plant such as a hanging spider plant, a money tree, or a zebra haworthia! As a bonus, these three plants are safe for pets.

A room with a view. Place your desk by a window to enjoy natural light and a view. Hanging bird feeders outside is a fun way to bring nature to your doorstep while continuing to plug away at the daily grind. If this is not an option for you, hang a picture that is pleasing to the eye; something that you know will give you enjoyment and inspiration. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. It's what you deserve!

Find what works for you. Do bright colors invigorate you? Time to pick up a paint brush! Does the smell of peppermint improve your focus? Invest in an air freshener or pleasant-smelling candles. Do you work faster when listening to classical music or lo-fi beats? Buy a speaker and jam out! Figure out what works for you and make it happen.

casual guy standing in front of the wall he is painting

How is your back holding up? Your chair of choice can make or break working from home. Pick something comfortable enough that you can spend the day in, but not so comfortable that naps become irresistible. If you're going to invest in a singular piece of your home office, the chair should be top priority.

Tired businessman sleeping in his office

*Tip! Remember to get up and stretch every so often!

Focus on Zoom. We've all been there in Zoom meetings where we start eyeing up our coworkers' backgrounds. Take a moment to scrutinize yours. A bookcase may seem like a smart option, but keep in mind that onlookers will stare past you to check out what you're reading. A simple background is best, perhaps made tasteful with a piece of art. If this is not doable, there's always the option of virtual backgrounds.

Man in front of laptop computer with headset

*Tip! Shine light directly at your face for a better look during video calls. Avoid having backlight such as a window or else your image will turn dark.

Live in luxury. Make your space a luxury so that you look forward to working in it! Create a coffee bar or buy a mini fridge and stock it with treats just for you, but only partake during work hours. Another great option is introducing an office pet. However, be warned that such a thing could easily turn into a distraction!

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