Work From Anywhere (WFA): 11 Apps for Seamless Client Service

By Taylor Burton Published on June 23, 2021

Estimated reading time: 3 Minutes

Welcome to the Work From Anywhere (WFA) Era, where organizations are agility-focused, ensuring that attorneys and staff are able to serve their clients and conduct business efficiently - and from just about anywhere.


Here’s a quick list of some common, heavy-hitting platforms to consider:


Internal Communication and Collaboration: Slack (alt: FlowDock
Save yourself from yet another email. If your office isn’t using an internal messaging tool yet, you’re missing out. Instant messaging platforms like Slack allow for quick, seamless communication and collaboration with your staff and colleagues. Have a quick question for someone? Do your inbox a favor and save the emails for when they’re really needed.


Doc Signing: DocuSign (alt: HelloSign)
Never need a computer or printer to sign docs again. With apps like DocuSign, you can easily send and share documents and securely collect signatures. No ink required.


File Sharing + Storage: DropBox (alt: Google Drive) 
Put your files in the cloud, securely access them from anywhere - and share them with whoever needs to see them. The modern office is “everywhere”, and a file storage and sharing app is a critical part of the tech stack.


Virtual Meetings: Zoom (alt: GoToMeeting) 
Another day, another Zoom call. After 2020, everyone is familiar with video conferencing, and because it makes it easy to have face time with anyone, from anywhere - virtual meetings are here to stay. 


Project Management: Basecamp (alt: Asana
Project management is a huge part of practicing law - make it easier with project management software. These tools help in time tracking, deadline management, benchmarking, and cost control. 


Password Storage + Security: Keeper (alt: LastPass
We all know the drill: so many websites, so many passwords. And if you’re still using your go-to set of three or four passwords for everything, you’re creating a huge risk. Password keeping apps make it easy to have crazy complex passwords for every platform you log in to, and keeping track of all of them for you.


Document Sharing + Scanning: Tiny Scanner for Android (alt: Prizmo for MAC)
Need to scan and send docs on the go? Scanning apps make it easy and provide multiple file type options like PDF and JPEG. You can also send files right from these apps to file sharing and storage applications - easy peasy.


Scheduling: Calendly (alt: ClientRock)
Coordinate internal meetings, schedule time with clients, and manage your time more effectively with automated scheduling tools. You determine when you’re available, integrate with your Outlook, Office 365, G Suite (or other calendars) and let the app do the heavy lifting. 


Time Tracking: Accelo (alt: TimeMiner)
Interested in a dedicated time tracking tool? Check out the applications available to track time, and money, across multiple teams, projects and clients. All the info in one place, accessible from anywhere - with robust reporting to give you the intel you need to maximize efficiency and profitability. 


Client Billing + Payment: Xero (alt: LawPay )
Accepting payments should be easy. Provide your clients with the most streamlined payment process and get your receivables faster with apps that allow you to send invoices and securely collect payment with a few clicks.


Multi-Functional: G-Suite (alt: Teams)
We can’t talk about tech stacks that make it easy without at least mentioning the G Suite and Microsoft Teams. All your docs, spreadsheets, presentations, files, messaging, calendars, email….in one place. Easy to access, easy to share.

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