Drafting Wills & Trusts in Pennsylvania, 4th Edition

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Featured in this Edition

  • How to address 2020’s Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
  • 23 updated sample forms—plus a new form covering a special purpose trust for a beneficiary with substance use disorder
  • Information on powers of appointment, digital assets, business appraisals, and more
  • Useful tasks and tips for drafting simple wills, lifetime trusts, trusts under wills, pour-over wills, durable powers of attorney, and codicils
  • Ethics issues in estates practice 

Sharpen Your Drafting Skills to Better Serve Your Clients

Each chapter uses a question-and-answer format to highlight the issues within each clause, offer solutions to common problems, and explain how to draft clauses for best effect.

  • Avoid archaic, overly legalistic, and unnecessary language
  • Avoid inconsistencies and conflicts in wills and trust documents
  • Write clear and effective language for conditions
  • Keep invalid, unenforceable, or inadvisable clauses out of the will
  • Draft for sufficient flexibility without creating overbroad provisions
  • Ensure that the will clauses carry out the wishes of the testator
  • Competently handle delicate situations, such as unequal distributions, guardianship issues, adopted persons, and illegitimate children
  • Properly include assets in a trust; pour-over devise to a previously unfunded trust
  • Plus many more drafting tips and tools!


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