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Coping With (and Preparing For) Nonprofit Life Cycle Changes (2022 Nonprofit Institute Session)

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  • Start Date:2022-05-17 20:00:00
  • End Date:2024-05-17 20:00:00
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  • Level:Intermediate
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Founder transitions; sudden expansion and growth; and sudden change in “cabin pressure” are just some of the practical challenges facing nonprofits throughout their lifecycles. How can an organization cope and thrive when faced with these challenges? This session looks at two case studies to share some strategies and solutions to weather these changes while preserving the nonprofit’s mission. 

Recorded at the Nonprofit Law Institute in May 2022.


Jean Tickell

Ms. Tickell is Vice President with Schultz & Williams, a national consulting firm based in Philadelphia with expertise in a variety of nonprofit planning and fundraising disciplines. Since joining the firm in 2010, she has provided campaign planning, communications, and strategic development services for clients in the culture, education, environment, economic development, and social services arenas.  Ms. Tickell previously held leadership positions in development and communications with the University of Pennsylvania and other organizations. She earned her B.A. from Lehigh University.

Lauren Hansen-Flaschen

Ms. Hansen-Flaschen leads the strategic and business planning practice at Schultz & Williams. With expertise in research and facilitation for strategic decision-making and organizational business planning, Ms. Hansen-Flaschen and her team provide clients with a roadmap to achieve their goals through highly engaging, inclusive, and iterative processes. She has over ten years of experience helping organization’s identify strategic opportunities and clear strategies to employ. Prior to joining S&W, Ms. Hansen-Flaschen led the Research Department at Visit Philadelphia and conducted public sector consulting while attaining her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Her experience working for nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia area gives her an insider view of the challenges and changing needs that nonprofits face each year, from funding constraints to mission drift to adverse environmental conditions. Ms. Hansen-Flaschen also has provided public policy analysis and recommendations for advocacy efforts by executive leaders.

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