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Cyber Security Ethics: Safeguarding Client Data in Today’s Emerging Hybrid Practice (2023 Estate and Elder Law Symposium Session)

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  • Start Date:2023-02-14 19:00:00
  • End Date:2025-02-14 19:00:00
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  • Topics:Ethics

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Cyberthreats against attorneys and law firms, including attacks such as ransomware and phishing, are at an all-time high and continue to grow. These threats are of particular concern for attorneys because of their duties of competence in technology and their ethical obligation to maintain confidentiality. This session will explore the most current threats and attorneys’ duties to safeguard confidential data and will offer practical solutions on how to comply with these duties, whether in a traditional or a hybrid practice.

Recorded at the Estate and Elder Law Symposium in February 2023.


David Ries Esq.

David G. Ries is of counsel in the Pittsburgh, PA office of Clark Hill PLC, where he practices in the firm’s Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy Group. He has devoted his legal career to helping organizations traverse complex environmental, technology, and data protection challenges. He has used computers in his practice since the early 1980s and since then has strongly encouraged attorneys to embrace technology – in appropriate and secure ways. Dave frequently speaks and writes nationally on legal ethics, technology, and cybersecurity topics. He is the Editor of e-Discovery 4th Edition (PBI Press 2017), a coauthor of Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers, Second Ed. (American Bar Association 2016) and Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers (American Bar Association 2015), and a contributing author to Information Security and Privacy: A Legal, Business and Technical Handbook, Second Edition (American Bar Association 2011). He served on the ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force and the ABA TECHSHOW Planning Board and is a member of InfraGard’s Legal Cross-Sector Council and ILTA’s LegalSEC Initiative. Dave received his J.D. from Boston College Law School. He can be contacted at dries@clarkhill.com or 412-394-7787. 

Daniel Siegel Esq.

Attorney Daniel J. Siegel is a nationally recognized authority on ethics, technology, data protection and business workflow management, and the principal of both the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC and Integrated Technology Services, LLC. Dan provides techno-ethics counsel to solo, small and mid-sized law firms on cybersecurity, technology and other related issues. His practice includes representing of attorneys in disciplinary matters; providing professional responsibility guidance to attorneys and firms; serving as appellate counsel; and representing individuals in workers’ compensation and personal injury matters. Dan also consults with law firms and businesses on workflow management, implementation of paperless offices, and other productivity matters. Attorney Siegel is a prolific speaker and author, and serves as the Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and Past-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Professional Development Board Chair. The author of 15 books, Dan is a columnist and frequent lecturer on a wide range of topics, including ethics, technology, substantive law, appellate law, and professional responsibility matters. You can reach Dan at dan@danieljsiegel.com.

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