Fagnilli and Kosir on Deeds: Fundamentals of Deed Drafting and Recording, 3rd Edition

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Deeds—the primary means of conveying away and taking title to real property. More recently—the main document for conveying title to minerals, oil and gas, and other subsurface rights. Although the contents and provisions of the standard deed have changed throughout the years, the basic form remains largely the same. This e-book addresses the different manners in which title may be held, different types of estates in land, requisite parts of a deed, and requirements for effective and accurate drafting, delivery, and recording. The new third edition features forms for the most common deed types.

Summary of Contents

Manners in Which Title Can Be Held
Types of Estates in Title
The Common-Law Deed
Other Types of Deeds
Deed Procedures

Appendix A: General Warranty Deed
Appendix B: Special Warranty Deed
Appendix C: Deed from Personal Representative of an Estate
Appendix D: Deed from Guardian of an Estate
Appendix E: Deed from Trustee of a Trust
Appendix F: Deed Executed Pursuant to a Power of Attorney
Appendix G: Deed Pursuant to a Divorce
Appendix H: Deed of a Condominium Unit
Appendix I: Deed from a Corporation
Appendix J: Deed from a General Partnership
Appendix K: Quitclaim Deed
Appendix L: Deed from a Limited Partnership
Appendix M: Deed from a Limited Liability Company
Appendix N: Deed to Same-Sex Married Couple
Appendix O: Corrective Deed
Appendix P: Split Warranty Deed
Appendix Q: Deed for Minerals
Appendix R: No Warranty Deed
Appendix S: Example of Detailed Recital


Erin M. Fagnilli Esq.
Chicago Title Insurance Company

Frank Kosir Jr., Esq.
Meyer Unkovic & Scott LLP

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