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Forensics in Capital Cases 2023

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  • Start Date:2023-12-03 19:00:00
  • End Date:2025-12-03 19:00:00
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  • Level:Intermediate
  • Topics:Criminal Law

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[{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of Delaware Commission on Continuing Legal Education","status":"Self Apply","state":"Delaware","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 3, 2024","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"2.75"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Virginia State Bar","status":"Self Apply","state":"Virginia","credits":"","expiration_date":"October 31, 2024","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"3.0"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of New Jersey Board on Continuing Legal Education","status":"Reciprocity ","state":"New Jersey","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 3, 2026","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"3.5"}]},{"jurisdiction":"The Florida Bar","status":"Self Apply","state":"Florida","credits":"","expiration_date":"June 3, 2025","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"3.5"}]},{"jurisdiction":"New York CLE Board","status":"Approved","state":"New York","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 3, 2026","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"Areas of Professional Practice","credit":"3.5"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Supreme Court of Ohio","status":"Applied for","state":"Ohio","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 31, 2023","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"2.75"}]},{"jurisdiction":"West Virginia State Bar Continuing Legal Education Commission","status":"Applied for","state":"West Virginia","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 3, 2026","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"3.52"}]},{"jurisdiction":"Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board","status":"Approved","state":"Pennsylvania","credits":"","expiration_date":"December 3, 2025","speciality_credit":[{"category":"General","state_category":"General","credit":"2.5"}]}]
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This CLE is an opportunity to upgrade your forensic toolbox. Learn from expert witnesses how to better utilize their findings. 

Experts and their Expertise

Utilizing DNA Evidence in Capital Cases
Katherine Cross – DNA Technical Leader at Guardian Forensic Sciences
Topics in this lecture will include the history of Forensic DNA, types of DNA technology, CODIS, laboratory documentation, “new evidence” v. ineffective assistance of counsel from the lab perspective, and how an expert can assist in review of DNA cases.  Special emphasis will be on capital cases and actual review scenarios will be presented.

Maximizing the Potential of Video Evidence
Laurence R. Penn, CVFT – Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist at DJS Associates, Inc. This session will cover how reverse projection photogrammetry is used in conjunction with surveillance video analysis and LiDAR scan data to plot evidence in a 3D environment, as well as showcase animations produced in relation to murder cases, including bullet trajectory animations produced in conjunction with ballistics experts.

Cell Phone Data for Civil, Criminal, and Capital Cases 
Timothy R.  Primrose – Mobile Forensic Analyst at DJS Associates, Inc.
This session will focus GPS tracking/cell tower data analysis, as well as using cell phone carrier records and online activity data to assist in establishing/corroborating timelines and physical locations of the accused. 

Forensic Neuropsychology – Building a Better Case
Dr. Jonathan Mack – Forensic Psychology & Neuropsychology Services, P.C.
Explore how the intersection of psychology and the law can create a powerful synergy to build stronger cases. This session will help you gain insights into presenting neuropsychological findings in a clear and compelling manner and understand the importance of expert testimony in winning cases. It will also dive into actual cases where neuropsychology played a pivotal role and analyze the impact of neuropsychological evidence on case outcomes.

The credits offered by this course count toward the CLE requirement of Criminal Procedure Rule 801, for appointment as defense counsel in a capital case.

Recorded in December 2023.


Katherine Cross

Ms. Cross’s career began as a serology intern at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police crime lab while she was earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (with concentrations in genetics and psychology). After graduating, she joined the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation as an agent assigned to the Serology/DNA unit. It was here that her forensic DNA experience began when she assisted in establishing the PCR based DNA testing for this laboratory. With this experience, Ms. Cross was then able to establish the initial PCR DNA testing programs at the Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory, NMS Labs, and finally at Guardian Forensic Sciences. She earned her Master of Pharmacy with a concentration in Forensic Serology and DNA in 2005 from the University of Florida. Her approach to casework is tenacity with the occasional stroke of genius and thinking outside the box. Ms. Cross believes that good communication is key to success in solving cases.

Timothy Primrose

Tim earned his degree in Digital Forensics with a minor in Information and Technology Management from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.  He has completed additional training to become certified as an Operator, Physical Analyst, and Advanced Smartphone Analyst by Cellebrite.  Tim specializes in the securement, imaging, and analysis of digital and mobile devices for municipal, legal, and insurance industries.  His services include the review and analysis of case materials; securing, extracting, and storing of digital evidence; and creating, maintaining, and executing formal documentation, including chain of custody, consent, and release forms.  His investigations pertain to a variety of devices including cell phones, GPS devices, social media platforms, Apple watches, Fitbits, and more.  In addition to mobile devices, Tim works closely with the Automotive Engineering and Collision Reconstruction Departments at DJS Associates, Inc. to research, test, and analyze data collected from telecommunication systems and automobile infotainment systems. 

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