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Imposter Syndrome 2022

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  • Start Date:2022-10-27 20:00:00
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Feeling like a fraud?

Many high achievers experience a psychological phenomenon called Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome, or Imposterism, causes individuals to doubt their abilities, attributing their successes to good luck. Those experiencing Imposter Syndrome sometimes feel as though they are not as competent as others believe, and that they must not be found out as a fraud. 

Join our panelists as they dive deeper into Imposterism. Topics include: 

  • Imposter Syndrome: What’s That?
  • Clinical manifestations
  • Perfectionism
  • Cultural aspects
  • Ethical concerns

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Recorded in October 2022.


Harry Levant MA PCC, ICGC-1, JD

Harry Levant is an Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor and mental health therapist in private practice and directs the gambling treatment program with Ethos Treatment, LLC in Broomall and Jenkintown, PA. Harry is also proud to serve as an adviser to the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University. He is also a doctoral student at Northeastern and his research, dissertation, and thesis are focused on developing a public health approach to prevent harm related to gambling and gambling disorder. Harry holds a Master’s in Professional Clinical Counseling from La Salle University and a Juris Doctorate from Temple University School of Law. Has been recognized as an Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor (ICGC-I). He is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Counseling Association, the Pennsylvania Counseling Association, Chi Sigma Iota National Honor Society for Counselors, Stop Predatory Gambling, and Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania. Harry is also a public health advocate and appears on television and radio addressing the prevention and treatment of gambling disorder. He is the author of the law review commentary “Upon Further Review, the NFL Gambling Strategy is a Risk to Public Health” and co-author with Professor Richard Daynard and Professor Mark Gottlieb of the Boston Globe article, “Massachusetts Makes a Losing Bet on Gambling”. Harry is also a gambling addict in recovery. He made his last bet on April 27, 2014. On that day, gambling addiction brought him within seconds of taking his life. “Gambling is a known addictive product and gambling disorder is an addiction just like alcohol, drugs, and tobacco”. One out of every two people struggling with gambling disorder will experience suicidal ideation and one in five will attempt suicide. Gambling disorder typically presents with other co-occurring mental health and substance disorder problems and can cause devastating harm to people and families. The good news is that help is available and with appropriate treatment recovery is possible. “It is a privilege to work at Ethos where we treat and support people and families struggling to overcome gambling addiction. I am grateful to the Pennsylvania Bar Institute for the opportunity to serve on this distinguished panel and present important public health information to the Pennsylvania legal community”.

Brian Quinn Esq.

Mr. Quinn is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania who currently serves as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, Inc., a Lawyers Assistance Program established in 1988 for the purpose of helping lawyers, judges and law students recover from alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health disorders. Mr. Quinn obtained his undergraduate degree in 1970, his law degree in 1973 and a certificate in Drug and Alcohol counselling in 2012, from Villanova University. Prior to his work with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, he was a private practitioner for over 40 years and has also worked in the field of Alcohol and Drug Counseling in suburban Philadelphia. Mr. Quinn is a past member of the Board of Directors of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania and served as a peer volunteer for over six years prior to accepting his current role as the organization’s Educator in 2017. He has written and presented on lawyer wellness topics to law firms, Bar Associations and legal education providers for state, national and international groups as well.

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